salicylic acid 15% gel peel


salicylic acid 15% gel peel

fast-acting peel to help clear skin imperfections

salicylic acid 15% gel peel

A unique chemical peel with a gel consistency to target skin imperfections along with a complex of Mushroom Extract that buffers the condition that lead to visible signs of redness. Suitable for all types of skin imperfections but was specifically designed for those with active, sensitized breakouts.

product sizes

Professional3.40 oz
All skin conditions, including active blemishes, redness, and irritation. | Albatrellus Mushroom has the ability to immediately soothe skin and reduce redness, working to improve skin comfort during the treatment. | White Shiitake Extract presents enzymatic properties to improve skin brightening and luminosity by degrading melanin pigment on the surface of the skin. | Glyceryl Glucoside is a compound commonly found in plants and organisms that must be able to survive extreme drought conditions. As a result, this compound is adept at improving skin moisture content and soothing skin by helping to reinforce the skin barrier. | Xylitol, Propanediol and Caprylic Acid Complex helps to control sebum production and redness.
  • Helps reduce redness and irritation caused by skin imperfections
  • Promotes even skin tone
  • Decreases sebum production
  • Professional Application

    Light-diffusing technology begins to balance the appearance of uneven pigmen- tation after one use, and continues working over time with potent Niacinamide and Hexylresor- cinol to help fade dark spots. Skin care powerhouse Shiitake Mushroom – rich in beta glucans – brightens skin, while adaptogenic Ashwagandha smoothes and delivers antioxidant benefits. Black Currant Oil and Peony Flower help boost skin’s natural luminosity. Skin-shielding actives help protect against pollution-induced dark spots.

    For Professionals Only

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